Mental Fitness & CBD: 3 Ways Cannabinoids Enhance Self-Improvement Goals

Mental Fitness & CBD: 3 Ways Cannabinoids Enhance Self-Improvement Goals

Posted by Molly Carter. Medical content reviewed by Dr. Steven Salzman, Chief Medical Officer, and Dr. George Gavrilos, Chief Pharmacy Officer, Green Care Medical on Sep 15th 2021

How CBD oil helps keep the brain and mind healthy and happy!

When it comes to living your best life, fitness should always be a primary concern. But not just physical fitness. Mental fitness is an integral part of overall health and wellness, and more people are focusing on it through their self-improvement goals.

So, what is mental fitness? And why should you care about it?

Mental fitness consists of keeping your brain and mind in shape and functioning to the best of their ability through various exercises and activities. Like physical fitness, the more you do these exercises, the stronger your mental fitness becomes. After you work on your mental fitness for a while, you may see better problem-solving skills, an improvement in cognition, and better memory retention.

The concept of mental fitness is important, especially as we age. When the mind and brain are strong, the body feels better and moves easier. Good mental fitness also reduces stress and anxiety and can improve the quality of your sleep.

Mental Fitness and Exercise: The Benefit of Oxygen

When you exercise regularly, you boost your mental fitness as well as your physical fitness. As you become more physically fit, the amount of oxygen that reaches your brain increases, which results in an increase of endorphins that stimulate the brain. Due to this connection, people who exercise their bodies tend to have an increase in mental fitness as well.

To ensure your body gets the most out of its workouts, consider combining mental fitness and CBD. Adding a full-spectrum CBD to your post-workout routine, such as a topical formula like Green Care Medical’s Freeze, may decrease physical discomfort and increase post-workout recovery while a CBD oil like Active can promote energy and overall wellness.

Mental Fitness and Stress: The Benefit of Reduced Anxiety

Mental fitness isn’t just about exercising the body and brain. Part of it’s about improving your mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. In today’s world, people are constantly bombarded with stresses and stressors which cause the stress hormone cortisol to build up in the body. When cortisol levels get high, it leads to complications like anxiety and takes a toll on the body and mind.

There are various stress management techniques that may improve your mental fitness. Mindfulness is one of the major ways to battle back against stress. Consider trying some of the following:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Deep breathing

While working on mindfulness, many people supplement with a CBD oil. Together, mental fitness and CBD have shown that they may reduce levels of anxiety and stress, as well as help people focus on specific tasks.

Sleep and Sleep-hygiene: The Benefit of Relaxation and Rest

When you don’t get enough sleep, neither your body nor mind function at their best. You may experience more aches and pains and have an increased risk of experiencing the symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Therefore, to maximize your mental fitness, improve your sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene focuses on your nighttime habits to improve the quality of your sleep. You can improve your sleep hygiene by:

  • Keeping your bedroom quiet, dark, and cool
  • Removing all electronic devices from your bedroom
  • Staying off any blue-light device for at least 30 minutes before bedtime
  • Getting up and go to bed at the same time each day
  • Refraining from caffeine and alcohol in the afternoon and evening
  • Using your bed for sex and sleep only

You may also improve the quality of your sleep by taking a CBD oil designed for bedtime. With a physician-formulated blend like Green Care Medical’s Sleep formula, you get the bedtime support you need to promote falling asleep quickly and staying asleep longer, all which benefits your mental fitness.

Mental Fitness and Self-Improvement: The Benefits of CBD

What it comes down to is that when you’re striving for self-improvement, mental fitness and CBD can play an important role. Mental fitness allows you to be your best self by reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, and exercising both the brain and body. When you compliment your mental fitness routine with full-spectrum CBD oil, you give your body and brain what it needs to achieve homeostasis and function at its best.

Let CBD Elevate Your Mental Fitness Today

When you want to work on self-improvement and increase your mental fitness, a full-spectrum CBD oil can support your goals. At Green Care Medical, our pharmacist-recommended CBD products are made from only the highest-quality and most dependable ingredients that we grow ourselves right here in the USA.