Research shows promising acne-fighting abilities

Acne is a common and extremely frustrating skin condition. More than 80 million people deal with the ailment at some point in their life. Each year, more than $100 million is spent on over-the-counter acne treatments, as sufferers attempt to treat an embarrassing skin disease that significantly impacts emotional wellbeing and self-esteem. Now, exciting new research suggests that CBD may offer a potential solution for acne sufferers.

A groundbreaking study, Cannabidiol exerts sebostatic and anti-inflammatory effects on human sebocytes, found that Cannabis sativa, cannabidiol (CBD), impacts the human sebaceous gland function and regulates the body’s creation of human sebocytes, or sebum, which is an oily substance produced by the skin. The study also found that CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties in cells, which prevent cytokines, which trigger acne from activating. The study provides clinical evidence that CBD exerts a unique “trinity of cellular anti-acne actions,” including lipostatic, anti-proliferative, and anti-inflammatory effects.

The researchers point out that CBD is already used in many countries, and unlike current acne treatments, it does not appear to have significant side effects. The study’s findings suggest that CBD may be a promising, well-tolerated, and cost-effective therapeutic for treating acne.

The article was written by the researchers at Green Rock Hemp Holdings based on the following study: Olah, A. et. al. (2014). Cannabidiol exerts sebostatic and anti-inflammatory effects on human sebocytes. The Journal of Clinical Investigation 124:9.   

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