Physician Formulated / Pharmacist Recommended / Patient Approved

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Our products are full-spectrum so they provide all of the holistic benefits of the hemp plant, not just CBD. This allows for the “entourage effect” to take its course and provide you with the wellness you deserve.

Physician Formulated

Physician formulated, pharmacist recommended, patient approved. Green Care’s team of doctors, with decades of experience, have designed well-thought-out products with their patients in mind.

Premium Ingredients

Not all products are created equal. Unlike most, our line of products include premium full-spectrum CBD, includes only and array of beneficial oils to compound the intended effect.


All of our CBD raw materials are sourced from our partner, Red Mesa, one of the only ISO9001-certified CBD suppliers in the country. This means we take the time to produce trustworthy, dependable products.


I've logged a lot of hours over the past few years researching and trying different CBD products. I'm a skeptic by nature, but have had a strong desire to find an alternative to the """"crutches"""" I was using to address certain ailments. The truth is everyone will have a different response to substances, what might work for me may not work for someone else and vice versa. A lot of it has been trial and error. I have found that Green Care's CBD products produce the most effective and noticeable benefit for what I've been using it for. Yes the price point might seem lofty at first relative to other products in the space, but the bottom line is quality and efficacy. Please do your own due diligence because it is important to know the contents of anything you are putting into your body. Best of luck to anyone seeking wellness and peace.


Works so well it’s almost hard to believe! My 16y/o daughter has had significant anxiety for years. She’s a very social, A student but would suffer with spikes of anxiety... She was reluctant to try CBD but agreed to a 1-2 week trial with daily check-ins after school. The first 2 days, she was like, “It maybe working but it’s too early to tell” on the 3rd day, “You know what I really didn’t notice any anxiety today” by the 4th-5th day, “This stuff works!”… She’s more relaxed with NO drowsiness. We’re sooo grateful!

Sean S.

I have been experimenting with cannabis and CBD oils for about 6 months. Somehow I stumbled upon Green Care and I’m so happy I did. This CBD sleep formula works! The previous CBD I used tasted terrible and I couldn’t stand it under my tongue. Green Care has a taste and it’s very easy to tolerate. I take 1ml at 8 pm and go to bed at 10. I fall asleep quickly which I wasn’t doing previously. I wake a couple of times during the night but have no trouble falling back to sleep. This product has literally changed my life. Already ordered my second bottle. To be fully honest, I also take a cannabis gummy at 8. I have been taking the gummy for about a month. It was helping some but I wasn’t getting good sleep. With the addition of Green Care, I believe I’m getting restorative sleep for the first time in years. Thanks for a really great product.

Holly S.

If I could give Green Care Medical’s Sleep tincture six stars, I would! As a teacher, the COVID pandemic’s effect on my ability to “shut off” at night has been significantly affected – I think about my students, their well-being, whether my schedule week-to-week will change, how that will affect my own childcare – I could go on! For the first time in a long time, I can “shut off,” get a good night’s sleep, and am well-rested to face another day. Sleep formula is great!


I'm an insurance professional in a high-pressure, deadline-driven environment with long hours. I've never used a medicine or health product that delivers results the way this CBD does. I take Active Formula in the morning with my coffee and after work before I work out. I make it to the gym more now than I ever did. Ordering automatically is a no-brainer.


Worth every penny. I decided to try GC's CBD after reading all their positive reviews. I started with the Active Formula and really liked it. But I realized that I needed it mainly at night when my anxiety was at its worst. So I switched to the sleep version and honestly it's the best thing I've ever had. It just subtly helps you relax and fall asleep naturally. There's no sudden drowsiness and no grogginess in the morning. The best example of its super powers was when I had a horrible reaction to my second COVID vaccine. My joints throbbed everywhere. I took the sleep formula and fell asleep within 20 minutes. I didn't initially buy it for pain management so I was shocked by how much it helped.

Shannon M.

I’m using CBD oil for more than a week, and I see the difference in my sleep, all pain in my joints are practically gone…. I had before CBD oil 500 MG , but hadn’t noticed much changes in my pain . I was listening to WGN Radio & heard dr Steve talking about Green Care CBD and than I decided to give it a try….. and so far I’m glad I did

Grace Z.

Website does what it should do for a health product. It is professionally set up and it is clear in what it offers as far as product and price are concerned. The shipping date and arrival to me is always very prompt and within a very short time maybe one to two days. Finally, who doesn't like discount options?

Kathleen C.

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